Torts are fast food but not processed food. Fresh MSA rump and chicken are grilled to order before being wrapped in hot Tort bread with in-house salad and sauces. External fat is removed before cooking. More is rendered off by the very hot grill.

Tort bread is unlike any other wrap in the world. It is made in-house to a unique process and closely guarded recipe that yields uniquely soft, chewy bread. No non-natural additives, preservatives, sugar, yeast or dairy are used. It too is grill-cooked speckling brown and puffing up appetisingly.

Torts have wide, mainstream appeal. They’re not a trend thing - just the fundamental appeal of freshness you can see, robust flavours and the healthfulness of food not processed in any way.

While Torts are big on both health and flavour, Tort chips are just big on flavour.

Torts and Tort chips are quite unique. They cannot be bought anywhere else.